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Free standing heat sealers suitable for clean room environments.  Sealing size from 16" to 72".
PW4000 Series Heat Sealer image

PW4000 Series Heat Sealer

The PW4024 and PW4036 feature fully validatable heat sealing with construction suitable for a clean room environment.

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PW4000 VP Heat Sealer image

PW4000 VP Heat Sealer

Fully validatable heat sealing with internally generated vaccuum. Vaccuum settable by time or by vaccuum level.

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PW4400 Heat Sealer image

PW4400 Heat Sealer

The NEW PW4400 validatable impulse heat sealer, with TOUCHSCREEN control, provides a graphical display of temperature/ time/ pressure with various time sequence possibilities and visual/audible alarms.

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PW 5000 Series Heat Sealer image

PW 5000 Series Heat Sealer

Free-standing, fully validatable pass through heat sealer. Perfect for full-width bags and pouches. Available in 36", 48", 60" and 72" sealing widths.

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PW5400 Heat Sealer image

PW5400 Heat Sealer

Free-standing, fully validatable pass-thru heat sealer with touchscreen operation. Intuitive operation, recipe storage, multipoint calibration and several other features make the PW5400 both precise and easy to operate. Available in 36", 48", 60" and custom sealing widths.

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