PW5400 Heat Sealer

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Free-standing, fully validatable pass-thru heat sealer with touchscreen operation. Intuitive operation, recipe storage, multipoint calibration and several other features make the PW5400 both precise and easy to operate. Available in 36", 48", 60" and custom sealing widths.

This versatile impulse heat sealer, with TOSS TOUCHSCREEN control, provides a graphical display of temperature/time/pressure with various time sequence possibilities and visual/audible alarms. Time, temperature and pressure are programmable with the cooling cycle controlled by either time or temperature. Process controls are displayed in real time. Validation is easier than ever through the menu driven single touch process.

The PW 5400 Series offers clean, consistently reliable and repeatable seals. It's perfect for heat sealing plastic films and heat sealable composites.

Recommended for clean room or production floor use, as a full width bag, pouch or web heat sealer. Constructed with a robust tubular steel frame and polished stainless steel cover and working surfaces.

Packworld's superior performance comes from our exclusive TOSS Technology-The Optimum Sealing System. It provides consistent and repeatable results, every time-heat seal after heat seal.

TOSS TouchScreen System

The control system provides the safety and assurance required by industries when perfect temperature control is essential. Repeatable, high quality heat seals are made each and every cycle. The system utilizes the TOSS Alloy-20C heatseal or cut and seal band as the temperature sensing means, thereby eliminating the lag between actual and measured temperatures. The instantaneous and continuous feedback permits high response for greater productivity.

  • NIST traceable calibration
  • Adjustable Table for product placement
  • Jaw modifications for water cooling
  • High Temperature Application Set-up
  • CE Compliance
  • Automatic Knife Cutting System
  • Automatic Vacuum and Purge System
  • Aluminum Adjustable Height Stand
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