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Fully validateable heat sealing in a vertical configuration.  Benchtop unit.
PW3400 Horizontal Heat Sealer image

PW3400 Horizontal Heat Sealer

NEW! Fully validatable heat sealing with the easy touchscreen interface. 16 and 24" width.

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TB-3 Tube Sealer image

TB-3 Tube Sealer

Tube heat sealing machine. Double jaw heat seals simultaneously close and emboss heat sealed tubes.

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PW3016 & PW3024 Vertical Heat Sealer image

PW3016 & PW3024 Vertical Heat Sealer

Tabletop vertical heat sealing with 16" or 24" long sealing bars. (Other sizes quoted upon request.) TOSS technology means direct sensing of temperature via change in resistance instead of relying on thermocouples.

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